Undergraduate & Graduate Research Grant Application

Research Grant for Undergraduate or Graduate Students

Funding up to $2,000

Climate Change New Mexico (CCNM) invites innovative and thoughtful proposals from undergraduate or graduate students across the disciplines to research any aspect of climate change impacting New Mexico. There are many issues relevant to this state that can be explored using the scientific method and analyzed in terms of climate change.

Climate Change New Mexico is dedicated to promoting college/university students’ scientific exploration of climate change in New Mexico. To achieve this objective, CCNM has developed a grant to support research by student scientists who are exploring an issue related to climate change in New Mexico. The CCNM Research Grant application requires that students propose a detailed research project to CCNM together with a Communication Proposal, a budget, and a timeline.

CCNM is dedicated to public education. To that end, an integral part of the CCNM Research Grant requires students to develop a plan to share what they have learned from their research with an audience outside the field of study. Scientists typically report their findings in scholarly publications dedicated to a community of fellow researchers. We encourage a creative approach that fosters communication beyond those already versed in climate science. In this application, consider, for example, different media (television, video, magazines, newspapers, radio, internet) and/or a broader audience (school or community group or civil society organization) in developing a Communication Proposal to disseminate research findings.

The Directors of Climate Change New Mexico will evaluate proposals in collaboration with the CCNM Scientific Advisory Council.

Application Facts:

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a nationally accredited college or university in the United States. Research must be conducted in New Mexico. The application is open to students from any discipline. Individuals or teams of 2-3 students are invited to apply.  

What is the award amount?

Grant applications with budgets up to $2,000 will be considered. CCNM also encourages applicants who would use this grant as supplemental funding for equipment or materials needed for a larger research project.

What are the award restrictions?

Research must be conducted in New Mexico within the timeline agreed upon.

When is the application deadline?

CCNM has 2 rolling application deadlines. A completed application must be submitted by either May 1 or September 1 in order to be eligible for funding every year.

What is the Communication Proposal and Communication Report?

As part of the application, students write an essay (1000 words max.) proposing how they will share what they learned with a broader audience outside the field of study. We view sharing research as an important contribution, and we encourage creativity in designing the Communication Proposal. Afterward, students write a Communication Report (1000 words max.) describing and reviewing this experience.

Where to submit the application?

The application may be completed on our website. Alternatively, completed applications may be emailed to climatechangenm@gmail.com. Emailed applications must be submitted as a single pdf document. References and transcripts may be mailed or emailed separately. All documentation must be received by the application deadline.

Email: climatechangenm@gmail.com

Postal Address: Climate Change New Mexico, P.O. Box 36374, Albuquerque, NM 87176

Questions? Email us: climatechangenm@gmail.com

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