NM Science Fairs

Climate Change New Mexico recognizes outstanding student projects in grades 6-12 related to climate change at the six regional Science Fairs as well the state-wide New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair.

New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair in Socorro
2020, canceled due to Covid-19

2019, Awardees

Senior Division: Ryan Helmer, Jefferson Montessori, Using Calcium Chloride to Source Drinking Water in Arid Climates: H2O Absorption and CaCl2 Regeneration Rates in Relation to Desiccant Surface Area

Junior Division: Yunseo Kim, Los Alamos Middle School, Global Warming and Your Health

New Mexico Science & Engineering Fair Projects Awarded:

2018 – “Powered by Wind Phase II”
2018 – “Predicting Food Shortages in Africa from Satellite Imagery

2017 – “Can Ryegrass be Grown without Fresh Water?”
2017 – “Thin-Panel, Cylinder-Arrayed, Solar Water Heater”

Regional Projects Awarded:

2018 – “The Difference in Conductivity between Copper and Graphite”
2018 – “Are We Killing Our Plants”
2018 – “Methane Exposure: Mimicking Aquatic Global Warming”
2017 – “Getting the Dirt on Diversity”
2017 – “Pharmaceutical Effects on Local Watersheds”
2017 – “The Carbon Hoof-print of Commercial Dairies”
2017 – “Mirror Mirror”